Products and Services

PRS Telecom has developed a unique solution that enables transparent deployment of voice and data services to corporate and private clients – PRS provides direct access to local and global content through fast and smart provisioning, at a low cost.

It is PRS goal to streamline and regulate international premium traffic through a reliable and globally accessible network of premium numbering plans, internet solutions and mobile solutions. PRS Telecom has interconnections with eminent and incumbent providers, carriers and network operators in numerous European countries / countries around the world, and exclusively deploys reliable VOIP switches to support these interconnections.

For its client base, PRS Telecom aims at direct content providers, RTV channels, resellers, and government institutions. PRS Telecom offers them a unified platform to access and pay for content, data, interactive and value added services. In this process, PRS Telecom acts as an ‘aggregator’ – not only collecting meta-data from different channels, carriers and providers, but also taking on the broader range of ‘back-office’ activities like provisioning, billing and content streaming where unique access numbers are assigned to unique content and services.


For content providers, PRS Telecom offers three exclusive services:

  1. My PRS Products: Company Profile, PRS Management Services with dashboard functionality;
  2. My PRS Media (connection for content-cross-over): App-store, game center, bookshop, gambling;
  3. My PRS loyalty: Actions, offers and promotions exclusively for loyal PRS clients


PRS Telecom acknowledge the problem of complexity and fragmented premium rate solutions without one simple dialing number worldwide and the client need nowadays Intelligent Interactive voice (IVR) response solutions for client contactcenters, ticketlines, votingnumbers to name a few.

PRS Telecom delivers IVR solutions for:

  • Increasing accessibility
  • Web interface for mutations online
  • International sales support for 24/7
  • Information request forms
  • Telephone surveys tools
  • Direct marketing response relief
  • Switching to low cost numbers
  • Call recording
  • Voice E-mail
  • Broadcasting

If you are interested to use one of our regional numbers to support your addressable content with and wish to generate revenue like the regulated 0900-service numbers but for a cross-border purpose, please contact us at