PRS-Telecom is delighted to announce the cooperation with Thuraya Communications Company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Thuraya is a leading mobile satellite communications company with a superior network enabling clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the world via satellite and across the globe through unique GSM roaming capabilities. Our cooperation with Thuraya allows PRS-Telecom to enhance and intensify the roll out of our verticals in Entertainment and Global Donation Services.

The global access to the network of PRS-Telecom as a carrier, operator and IVR supplier increased significantly by adding the Thuraya services. This enables PRS-Telecom to further support NGO’s, Content Providers, Broadcasting Channels and many others to promote their unique services to their respective markets.

Please contact us at info@prs-telecom.com for the Terms and Conditions for Entertainment and Global Donation Services.