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One call

The world is moving to globalization and borders are no longer barriers for communication and business.


A world is moving to globalization and borders are no longer barriers for communication and business. These developments bring opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

PRS Telecom is enabling cross border premium rate telecom traffic using a regulated numbering plan and services, which is accessible
from all countries in the world; currently this is not possible with 100% access across the countries around the world to premium content.

This new service offering will benefit the content providers and carriers with new revenue streams and will provide consumers easy and global access to content.

The quality parameters that PRS Telecom will provision our clients and vendors to is to change the current landscape
of premium access and mobile wallet payment services into a mature market with acces to:

  • Unified – from multiple international numbers to one global access platform
  • Simplyfied – from complex to standardized services
  • Efficiënt – from long lead time to short time to market solutions

PRS-Telecom is using the TMT innovator-model as guidance in nowadays and future markets:



M. van der Ven – CEO

He has been working in the Telecom and Entertainment Industry for the past 15 years. His career started at Unisource Business Network (the first Data/IP operator in NL). After this Martijn joined KPN Telecom as a Management Development as Consultant, Project Manager, Technical and Commercial Product management. Furthermore Martijn completed several Turn-around management assignments such as the transition of Operations of Services into a Client Service organization. For his last assignment he was Executive Relations Manager responsible for the Win-Back Sales team. In 2003 Martijn started his Insomnia Global and PRS Telecom. These companies support the synergies that can be found on the interfaces between Telecommunications and (Global) Events. Martijn has finished Commercial & Technical Engineering study at HvA and owns a Master in Business HES/Erasmus Post-Doctoral Degree. Martijn is also a certified teacher obtained at the PTH Amsterdam.

R. Willemsen – COO

As experienced programmer of a dialer in 1993, he started his carrier in Telecom. He was CTO at BelNet/Primecall/RSLcom and in 1994 he launched prepaid card in Europe. Roy has extensive experience also outside the EU like in Iran, Turkey, Suriname.  He was involved in “cheap call services” and developed VoiP/VoFR technologies in conventional telecommunication services. Along his carreer he developed satellite network on cruise ships as well internet services. In co-operation with TeleSur (Surinam national PTT), he developed a PrePaid card network and launched it. The population of Surinam now had the possibility of calling 24/7 for a low price. Developed, installed and activated a telecommunication network in Turkey using the newest VoIP technologies to create the services of international calling for a low price. The newest technologies like TDM over IP / FR were adapted in this network. Co-Partner in this project was KPN The Netherlands. Developed, installed and activated a VoIP, Media and Video network in more then 25 countries. The technology used is called the “Octopus” topology and means that all control is done from one central spot. (Call control, billing, etc). This network is capable of being a virtual Soft-switch and can interact with standard conventional TDM telecom networks. He Developed, Survey, installed and activated Super Wifi network on Curacao. Super Wifi can be compared with WiMax quality, only difference is that no additional adapter is needed for the end-user. He Developed and managed projects for Softphones for desktop, PDA’s and Symbian Telephones. All combined with VoIP, Video and Media. Further on also Developed topology for MVNO/MVNE networks. Developed topology and APP’s for a Global GSM over IP network.

H. Breugem – Head Operations

With great pleasure Han is working for the PRS-Telecom company since 2015.
My experience comes from a great affinity with Accountancy, CRM, Billing, Database management analyses.
He followed an auditor study/work partially and began to learn all kinds of business administrations at NIVRA/KPMG Klynveld.
After his time KPMG at he worked for 23 years at Laman Technische Groothandel, a technical Wholesale company with 12 branches in the Netherlands which sells hundreds of thousands of articles to mainly industrial companies.

At Arvast Holding he acted for more then 4 years like an accountancy office for several different kind of companies and amongst them also PRS-Telecom.


E. Witvoet – Legal counsel

Elles is since 15 years a respected legal counsel with a consequent profile in international law. As she worked for Government in management of the Palais of Justice, The Hague, after 8 years she left the position to expose her qualities to advise start-ups and made developments on intellectual property, legal brand integration, legal bodies and is part of many mediations between vendors and companies. Her specialty nowadays is being interim-manager, change manager and sense-leadership and owns also a company in Fashion. Elles has a degree in Dutch and International Law, Leiden University.Nederlands Recht; Universiteit van Leiden te Leiden Afstudeervariant: Internationaal-rechtelijke Opleiding Scriptieonderwerp: Harmonisatie van het asielbeleid in de Europese Unie Scriptiebegeleidster: mr. J.D.M. Steenbergen
And she also has a Bachelor in Hogere Europese Beroepen Opleiding (HEBO), Haagse Hoge School, Politics & Governmental


J. Dingenouts – Head CR

As an experienced international manager with expertise in the global wholesale telecom market, Jan his roots are lately with TATA Manager Business Development and Strategic Accounts at Tata Communications Managing several major global key accounts like Vodafone group EMEA, LGI, Orange, Telia, Tele2 and Telenor group on voice (IPX) and mobility services (SMS, Signalling).

Further he was Independent International Telecom Consulta Advising retail and mobile operators how to deal with the challenges in the international wholesale carrier market. Focus area’s: Cost savings, Mobility services, Reporting, Deploying Anti-Fraud measures. Implementing the and Professionalising carrier departments in international- and mobile operators.

As Director Carrier Relations with Monaco Telecom International. Managing 4 account managers (3 voice ad 1 data) and 2 business development managers. Responsible for all incoming and outgoing voice for Monaco, Kosovo and On Air and African interconnections. For the Monaco and Kosovo traffic I aligned the pricing and increased the margins resulting in an additional Ebitda of 15 million $.

Also responsible for Maldives, Seychelles & South Atlantic entities for all voice and mobility services in the CWC group

Further he was Director Carrier Relations with MTN ICS. Managing 4 account managers (2 in Monaco and 2 in South Africa) and 2 back office people in Monaco. Responsible for all incoming and outgoing voice (3.0 billion minutes), SMS and C7 signalling, IP traffic for the 21 MTN group mobile operators in Africa and Middle-East.

Last but not least he was Senior International Account Manager with KPN Wholesale voice International.


T. van der Weide – Adv.

He started his first enterprise while still studying Human Geography. He is a professional entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in several markets ranging from real estate to consultancy and beauty products. Most of these markets involve crossovers between the public and the private domain. Thierry is politically engaged and highly interested in developments that have an impact on human society. He is used to level with directors and presidents of large companies, politicians and consumer organizations. He has worked in and for different large enterprises and SME’s and is a certified organizational consultant (OOa).

The world is moving to globalization

One Vote

We VOTE on the clients and will help them to become more successful with our solutions in a constant world of changing communication tools.

Forces of globalization are driving continuous change in today’s business landscape. Technology advances, consumers become more demanding and the importance of physical boundaries in coordinating business transactions across borders is further eroding every day. Simple, fast and reliable methods of communication are key in responding to these developments. While cross-border communications and business transactions are taking place on a massive, and apparently seamless scale, there are certain limitations. Existing numbering plans are limited to ‘national’ territories, making it hard if not impossible to access local content from abroad. In addition, supply chains tend to be un-transparent, confronting telecom consumers with unnecessarily high, or even unauthorized charge out rates. PRS Telecom is convinced that these concerns and limitations can be addressed, and sustainable efficiency gains can be achieved through the implementation of a truly global Premium Rate Solution, offering a unified platform for the access and payment of premium rate services, encompassing a broad range of content, data, interactive and value-added services. Through the implementation of Premium Rate numbering plans, internet solutions and mobile solutions, PRS Telecom is committed to making information services available to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Although there are nowadays all kind of online payment mobile payments, still there are no reliable call-to-content global solutions. Because there is:

  • No transparancy in cost- and payout structure;
  • No equivalent in terms & conditions in SLA, Service Description, Payout-terms, Guarantee fees;
  • No commercial ratecard in End user tariff;
  • No secure-EU-software interface for one overall businessline product portfolio;
  • No mix-cost-based tariff between Fixed and Mobile international incoming- outgoing tariff (FiMo);
  • No consequent and standard offers in Premium rate- market;
  • No Certification of QoS and SLA of suppliers of crossborder services of Premium rate Services;
  • No Guarantee from incasso to payout;

We service:

  • Transparancy in cost- and payout structure;
  • Equivalent in terms & conditions in SLA, Service Description, Payout-terms, Guarantee fees;
  • Mix-cost-based tariff between Fixed and Mobile international incoming- outgoing tariff (FiMo);
  • One-time fee per 10, 100,1000,10.000 numbers;
  • One ratecard;
  • Call forwarding services inclusive to any other number, fixed or mobile;
  • Businessuser-group need flexibilty and scalability for instance in changing office, companies and employees rotation.

“One Vote, One Call, One World of Communication”

One World

Products and Services

PRS Telecom has developed a unique solution that enables transparent deployment of voice and data services to corporate and private clients – PRS provides direct access to local and global content through fast and smart provisioning, at a low cost.

It is PRS goal to streamline and regulate international premium traffic through a reliable and globally accessible network of premium numbering plans, internet solutions and mobile solutions. PRS Telecom has interconnections with eminent and incumbent providers, carriers and network operators in numerous European countries / countries around the world, and exclusively deploys reliable VOIP switches to support these interconnections.

For its client base, PRS Telecom aims at direct content providers, RTV channels, resellers, and government institutions. PRS Telecom offers them a unified platform to access and pay for content, data, interactive and value added services. In this process, PRS Telecom acts as an ‘aggregator’ – not only collecting meta-data from different channels, carriers and providers, but also taking on the broader range of ‘back-office’ activities like provisioning, billing and content streaming where unique access numbers are assigned to unique content and services.


For content providers, PRS Telecom offers three exclusive services:

  1. My PRS Products: Company Profile, PRS Management Services with dashboard functionality;
  2. My PRS Media (connection for content-cross-over): App-store, game center, bookshop, gambling;
  3. My PRS loyalty: Actions, offers and promotions exclusively for loyal PRS clients


PRS Telecom acknowledge the problem of complexity and fragmented premium rate solutions without one simple dialing number worldwide and the client need nowadays Intelligent Interactive voice (IVR) response solutions for client contactcenters, ticketlines, votingnumbers to name a few.

PRS Telecom delivers IVR solutions for:

  • Increasing accessibility
  • Web interface for mutations online
  • International sales support for 24/7
  • Information request forms
  • Telephone surveys tools
  • Direct marketing response relief
  • Switching to low cost numbers
  • Call recording
  • Voice E-mail
  • Broadcasting

If you are interested to use one of our regional numbers to support your addressable content with and wish to generate revenue like the regulated 0900-service numbers but for a cross-border purpose, please contact us at info@prs-telecom.com


PRS-Telecom and Global-Donation.org will continue in 2019 as ATHALOS

We are delighted to inform you that our company PRS-Telecom and Global-Donation.org will continue in 2019 as ATHALOS. The brandname is founded by Martijn van der Ven, Founder & CEO of both companies and initiatives. He is announcing the Brand as part of the restructuring of the company and positioning

Roy Willemsen – Chief Operations Officer (COO)

With great pleasure we are announcing that Roy Willemsen as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for PRS-Telecom company, Global Donation Services and affiliates. Roy Willemsen says “My experience comes from a great affinity with Telecom, Media, TDM & IP-Networking, Data-communication, Call Control & Database Billing Services”. My experience as an architect

Han Breugem – Head of Business Operations

With great pleasure Han is working for the PRS-Telecom company since 2015. My experience comes from a great affinity with Accountancy, CRM, Billing, Database management analyses. He followed an auditor study/work partially and began to learn all kinds of business administrations at NIVRA/KPMG Klynveld. After his time KPMG at he worked for 23 years at

Contact -

For management, investor relations, new ventures, please contact,  Martijn van der Ven: Mobile + 31 6 51 18 89 18

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PRS-Telecom is a privately owned company incorporated under Dutch law in The Netherlands.

Chamber Of Commerce (KvK): 60804580
VAT Number: NL854066986B01
Bank details: ING Bank N.V. The Netherlands
Bank accountnumber: NL56 INGB 0006 482880


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